January 27th, 2014

Ok, so we apparently had pie or cake every day from Thursday until Monday. So that happened. But I mean, National Pie Day had leftovers, Tartine is not a common excursion, and today was National Chocolate Cake Day, so we HAD to. Don’t worry, February, it’ll be a sugarless month for you.

No work for us today, so we climbed a bit in the morning, I struggled a bit but found some new things to work on (SO excited for the new routes to be put up on Wednesday, too!). Headed to Back-A-Yard for jerk chicken, plantains, and hot links, for our car picnic, before wandering around Palo Alto for a bit. Scored a slice of chocolate rum cake at The Prolific Oven that blew us away, mmmm.

IKEA shopping trip and a few splurges, then home for a quiet night + minor food poisoning, what up lifeee

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January 26th, 2014

My photo for the day is a piece of cake, which we shared for part 1 of breakfast. It was a passion fruit lime bavarian cream cake, with coconut. It was pretty bomb.

Was mildly productive while the boy performed great strengths of feet (or is it feats of strength?). Ended up driving over to downtown to wander, get more tea, and pick up some bites at the sushi sale (which I now abhor). A quiet night in of takoyaki, sushi, black sesame ice cream, and our last Tartine treat.

Side note: always be a good person. Just do it. Really.

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January 25th, 2014

Sleeping is such a luxury, I don’t think I will ever think of it otherwise. A nice, lazy morning of jook and folding laundry, until it was off to San Francisco for brunch! The food was all kinds of amazing (chicken katsu under a spam-cheddar waffle, YUM!), although service was terribad, sadly.

Managed to convince the group to go to Tartine (now crossed off the list!)! James and I got there early, so we were in and out in less than 30 minutes (the lines, my god), and picked up several goodies, including the banana cream tart (which we all shared), a croque monsieur that we had for dinner (topped with 2 poached eggs), and a passionfruit lime cake & lemon cream tart in the fridge for Sunday!

Our groups parted ways, and we headed to Bernal Heights, where I fulfilled my childhood dream of trying an egg cream for the first time! Verdict: not bad, like a fizzy yoohoo.

Wandered around the area and checked out a super cute bookstore, before heading into the bar I’ve had on our list for ages - the Holy Water! It’s awesome, dog friendly, and with great drinks (although still another 6 days of No-Beer January for me!).

Headed home, picked up kebabs on the way, and had a nice, quiet night in where we thought it was 10 pm + when it was still 8:30, so that’s a thing, now.

Early to bed, early to rise, something something, do you want to build a snowmannnnn?


January 24th, 2014

Stressful, exciting morning on the phone, with potential to come in the future. Good news for now, we’ll see how things go next week, but I’m excited!

Walked to the neighborhood Mexican restaurant with the boy for lunch and were thoroughly disappointed, sadly. Came back to work, lounge, and watch penguin videos for ages, until it was off to Planet Granite!

I feel a little bad for barely using my first official month of membership, although being sick didn’t help a lot. I was thrilled to be able to complete a climb that started off as impossible and then became a challenge, quickly and smoothly, without falling or having to rest, so that felt amazing. I was pretty beat after a few climbs, but managed to tough it up for an attempt at my second ever 5.10b, which went better than I could’ve hoped, and was a perfect ending to my climbing adventures for the day!

Wandered around downtown San Mateo for a bit after until we decided on Izakaya Mai for a dinner of chanpon, udon, takoyaki, and karaage! Finally, checked out the new tea shop Bambū, and learned I don’t hate coconut nearly as much as I thought I did.

Entirely amazing day, wound it down with An Idiot Abroad, and then KO’d. Wonderful :)

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January 23rd, 2014

Ended up sleeping through half of the day, didn’t realize I was so tired, but Lira and I were out cold until noon, so that was something.

Eventually dragged myself out of bed to run a few errands, and then headed to San Mateo to surprise the boy with a bevy of pies from Peasant Pies, in honor of National Pie Day!

Enjoyed some savory ones before heading off to CSM, then came back for a dinner of jook, dino nuggets, and a pb&j, to eat while watching Community and Supernatural.

Lovely, calming evening!

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January 22nd, 2014

Again, not my favorite day. Was very rough all over.

I’m making some progress work-wise, at least.

Got to see the bridge on the drive home, but was too tired to drop by the ferry building.

Collapsed in my papasan chair with toast and season 1 of The Mentalist and was a zombie until dinner with the brother.

I’m actually really proud of how far he’s come, and it’s motivating me to not be a victim of circumstance, but to do my best to take charge and make something of myself.

Tired, ending the night early.

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January 21st, 2014

Errands-filled day - got contacted by two recruiters for jobs I applied for, which seems very positive, got to chat with Wallace a bit for advice, prepped for an interview, and went to math class. I didn’t like yesterday.

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January 20th, 2014

A productive morning of a bit of cleaning, resume refreshing, and job applying!

Headed over to Santa Ramen with the boy to miss the crowd and score some delicious karaage, takoyaki, and garlic pork cheek ramen, mmm. A delightful time in your company as always, I must say.

Made the trip back to San Francisco, patting myself on the back for not speeding as I saw not one but four cops on the road, three that had just pulled people over. Yikes, 280, I tell you.

I’m home now, getting a bit of work done, trying to stay awake, and enduring passive-aggressive remarks from father dearest.

Operation get hired-get money-get paid-get out for 2014 is most definitely a go.

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January 19th, 2014

For-got to take a photo today as well, whoops!

Slept until 1:30 pm, which was surprising and glorious, all part of the healing process, I guess.

Had the most amazing sandwich in the world for lunch made by the wonderful boy, then went on a quaint walk to downtown to oogle cheeses and whatnot at Draeger’s market (THEY HAD EPOISSES!!), be bitterly disappointed by milk tea at Creations, and wander around in general, before heading back as the sun went down.

Pizza and chicken wings for dinner, the stuff champions are made of, plus a little bit of Hannibal and The Mentalist. Cool cool cool.

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January 18th, 2014

Still sick, bleh. Every time I think I’m better, I get sucked back in.

Fell asleep watching Mary Poppins, slept more, attempted to plan a road trip to anywhere because being sick and unable to do anything fun makes me antsy and bored.

Stayed home instead of going out tonight because I feel horrendous, watched the wrong Fright Night movie and realized I was alone in a building with literally no other living soul in it, cleaned up my computer and resume a bit, and in bed and ready to sleep before midnight.

Please, please let me get better soon. I feel so much more useless than normal in this state.

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