July 9th.

Always lacking sleep, but today was still most excellent. Productive times at work before heading up to LA with Carolyn. It’s weird knowing that certain things are my “last”, and it feels like it should be made a bigger deal, but keeping things under wraps, etc. I was pretty proud to see how far I’ve come, though - my first shoot was at this restaurant, and while this isn’t my last, I can see the improvements in my photos, my technique, and I have end results that I’m actually quite happy with.

We food-coma’d for a while, and wandered DTLA for a bit before heading up to long-waited for Blue Cow Kitchen. I overhyped it in my mind, but it was still fun to relax over cocktails and catch up, while escaping the summer heat.

We ended the night at Public School 291, which had an awesome atmosphere, but was jam-packed with the afterwork happy hour crowd. We’re both exhausted and done with food for awhile, but it was nice having a real LA adventure again. I feel fortunate for the opportunities I’ve been afforded from my job, and that includes getting to know LA better than I would have otherwise.

For now, photo editing, sleep, and waiting patiently until Thursday afternoon.

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